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    Hi my name is Phil Keel I am studying for an enviromental sciences degree in the
    UK and I have been looking into the effects of hard water for a long time. We
    have a hard water problem at our home and I wanted to find the best solution to
    our problems but after searching the net at great length I didn’t find much
    useful information.

    I have decided to create this site with the help of Paul Maunders who wrote a hard water information site, but unlike his
    hardwater.org this site aims to provide a more thorough look at the general
    problems people have with water and the various ways to treat them.

    As well as providing a useful resource for people looking into water problems
    both Paul and I felt it would be nice to give something back to people who don’t
    have the luxury of being able to afford the water treatment methods highlighted
    on this page. We have decided therefore to promote www.givewater.org on this site and to let
    all our visitors know how they can make a difference to people who are having
    similar problems to them but who can’t afford to fix them.

    Any help you can give to WaterAid the charity behind the givewater project will
    go towards providing people with what we feel is the most basic and yet the most
    amazing thing on earth – water.

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