• Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis Overview

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) works by filtering water through a semi-permeable membrane that won’t allow most contaminents to pass through. They generally use a process called cross flow, which ensures that they are constantly cleaning themselves. The down-side to RO is that typically, it will only recover between 5% and 15% of the water entering the system, the rest is waste.

    Reverse Osmosis System Suppliers

    Name & Website Based Suitability Online Ordering Secure Site
    Osmonics USA Whole House NO N/A
    Aquatic Reef Systems USA Various YES YES
    Premier Water Systems USA Various YES YES

    For a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis against other water treatment methods, you may wish to look at the water treatment comparison page.

    More information on Reverse Osmosis

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