• Swimming Pool Contaminants

    Swimming Pool Contaminants

    There are many contaminants that can pollute your swimming pool. Some can cause human illness or skin irritations, others can cause discolouration of the water or unwanted odours but are not harmful to human health:

    • Microorganisms – There are many different types of microorganisms that can be pathogenic to humans or result in discolouration of the water and produce unwanted odours. Microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, algae, parasites and many more. They often enter the water from people using the pool as they are present on the skin, in hair, sweat and saliva. Contamination of microorganisms is most likely to be a problem in shallow, circulation pools. Algae contamination is often a problem in swimming pools and can cause many problems if the water is not filtered and cleaned correctly.
    • Dissolved pollutants – There are many substances produced by the swimmer, sweat for example contains salt, amino acids and urea. When these substances react with the disinfectants in the water it can produce unwanted by-products. These often cause discolouration of pool water or give unwanted odours, they are not usually harmful to human health.

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