• Water Conditioners

    Water Conditioners

    Water Conditioners Overview

    Water Conditioners work by altering the crystallisation behaviour of Calcium
    and Magnesium ions such that they loose their ability to cause adhesive
    scale. Atlhough some are sceptical as to their effectiveness, there have
    been many cases where people have found them to be very successful.

    Some manufacturers have set out to put the consumers mind at rest. For example, WaterImp commissioned Bath University (UK) to look into the effectiveness of their device, who confirmed that it does in fact reduce the deposition of scale. They also
    offer a 190 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty to encourage people to try it out for themselves.

    If your browser has the Flash plugin, you can view a simplified graphical
    demonstration of how their product works here.

    Water Conditioner Suppliers

    Name & Website Based Type Online Ordering Secure Site Shipping Cost (Typical Home)
    Water Improvements Ltd UK/USA Direct from Manufacturer YES YES Free shipping to anywhere in the world From $146 (£95))
    Clear Water GMX USA Dealer YES YES $4 per unit $522 (£370)
    Magnetic Solutions USA Direct Manufacturer YES YES Free US / Canada Only $299 (£158)

    If you would like to see a comparison of water conditioners against other
    water treatment methods, then you might want to take a look at
    the water treatment comparison page.

    More information on Water Conditioners

    Should you require any further information on water conditioners, then you many find any of the following sites useful:

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